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Where to Purchase Homeschool Curricula: Day 5 of Choosing Homeschool Curricula

{This post may contain affiliate links.}

I started out this series on Day 1 looking at why, exactly, it is so difficult to choose homeschool curricula. On Day 2 we talked about our goals and vision and how to use that to narrow the choice of curricula. On Day 3 I posted about how important it is to find your teaching style your students' learning styles in order to help your curriculum selection. And yesterday on Day 4, I talked about the dreaded "b" word- budget.

So today's question: Where can you find homeschool curricula? The short answer to that question right now is - everywhere! There are many, many websites, stores, and vendors who sell homeschool curricula. You can google anything you are looking for and find a whole list of possibilities. I've narrowed down for you some of my favorite places to buy. A few of these are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and purchase, I will receive a compensation. Some of them are not affiliate relationships. If I list the resource here, it is because I really like it. This is a list of places I use often because I like what they sell and/or they have good prices.
Resources for purchasing homeschool curricula

1. Rainbow Resource is one of my go to sites. I love to shop them at a convention because it is all free shipping, and there is usually some deal for purchasing there. Online, they always have free shipping with more than $50 in purchase. They have so many different publishers, and they are usually one of the lowest priced sites.

2.Amazonis one of my favorite places for almost everything.  I pay the $79 per year for Amazon Primebecause it is well worth it to have free two day shipping on most purchases. There are other benefits including free Prime videos and Kindle rental books. But nothing beats being able to order a book I forgot and get it in two days.

3. Currclick offers all kinds of instant downloads. There is curriculum for every subject, and if you have a Kindle, you can send the PDF files to your Kindle for easy reading.

4. Hearts at Home curriculum store offers material from a wide variety of publishers and offers many things for 30% off regular retail.

What I typically do when I see a curriculum or book that I want is compare the prices on these sites- including shipping when applicable- and see where I can find it the cheapest and still get it when I need it.

I hope these posts about choosing curricula have been helpful. And I hope you've made your way around to visit the other Five Days... bloggers. If you haven't yet, click below and check out some of the other Five Days... series.

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  1. I would warn anyone looking to stay clear of Alpha Omega: Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum. I ordered this after years of faith to Abeka and wanted to get something more streamlined to accommodate having 3 different grade children in our home. I called in and was told I am free to return it. Now after the 2nd day of school it is not for us and they will not allow returns after it has been installed. Not sure why they offer a refund at all because how are you to evaluate curriculum without loading it? After all is said we are stuck with a $400 program that doesn't offer what we need. Very disappointing.

  2. It is always good to know what does and doesn't work for someone else. I've used quite a few things from Alpha Omega with very good results. But I haven't tried to return anything.


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