So You Want To Be a Homeschooler: A Crash Course for New Homeschoolers

Have you been considering homeschooling but don't where to start? Have you made the decision to homeschool and are now wondering what crazy thing you've done? A few years ago, I wrote a series of posts about Getting Started Homeschooling. Since then, those posts have been collected into an ebook- So You Want To Be a Homeschooler? You can get the full book for FREE here. But in this post,  I am going to hit some of the highlights and give you the crash course- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (Or More) About Homeschooling.

Advice for new homeschoolers

*Why should you homeschool? The short answer to this is- because you feel like it is God's will for the education of your children. If you feel the pull on your heart, don't make excuses. I've heard many of them. "If you knew my children, you would understand why I can't homeschool." "You must just have easy kids." "I can't homeschool multiple children." "What would I do about algebra?!" The truth is, if God calls you to homeschool, He will equip you. So listen to Him.

*What should I do first?  The first thing you need to do is to find out the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state. Thankfully homeschooling is currently legal in all of the United States. But different states have different laws. Check the HSLDA website to find out what your state requires.

*How can I find other homeschoolers? Many people still believe the incredible myth that homeschoolers hide out all day under rocks and are totally not social. They worry that if they begin this grand venture, their children will be isolated and friendless. There is so much wrong with that thought that I can't begin to address it. But I can tell you that you will be relieved to find out that there are MANY more homeschoolers than you ever thought. If you look in the right places, you can find many groups for learning, for field trips, or just for social hanging out. This website has a great list of support groups by state.

*What do I teach? There are certainly a host of options when it come to what curriculum to use or what philosophy to adopt when it comes to teaching you children. One of the best places to go for ideas is a homeschool convention. I didn't go to my first convention until several years into our homeschooling, but we now go every year. A convention offers workshops to teach about homeschooling and offers the vendor hall- a wonderful, one-stop place for viewing and purchasing curriculum. I found a pretty inclusive list here, but there are a few others I know of that aren't listed. This is a good question to ask your new friends in your support groups- "Have you been to a homeschooling convention that you really liked?"

The most important thing I could share with you if you are thinking about homeschooling is- don't let yourself be psyched out by fears. If God has called you, He will prepare you. You can teach your child. You know your child better than anyone else. Pray, seek out fellow homeschoolers, and plunge in to the adventure of a lifetime!

***Don't forget, if you'd like a free copy of the full book- So You Want To Be a Homeschooler? Click the book to get your free copy!

This post was originally published in May 2013. It has been updated and republished with current information.

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