ABC Lapbook

Ashlyne and Rachel have been diligently working on an ABC lapbook. We actually started back in the summer but were sidetracked for a while. Now we are trying to finish up before the holidays, so we've been busy. We did T and U today. Very fun!

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  1. I found your blog from your nook at THL. :-) The lapbook looks great and your son's project is very creative.

    P.S. Feel free to visit me at my blog or nook.

  2. Ok, I know I'm super new at this. What's a lap book?

  3. Lapbooks are kind of like scrapbooking for homeschoolers. This is a free one from They have lots of free ones. If you go to their site, I think you can see some examples and instructions as well as print off pages you need to do your own.
    I'll post some pics of these when we're done.


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