Letters to Santa

Over the weekend, Charles spent the night with some friends of ours. It was his first spend the night trip woth friends! He did very well and was able to go to a Charlotte Bobcats game! Our friends's daughter spent Friday night and all day Saturday with us, so we had all girls for the day- quite exciting. Saturday night, I took Kathryne and Ana (the big girls) to the mall for supper. They got to write letters to Santa and play on the play place. Then they stopped to visit Santa on the way out. As Kathryne said, "I don't really care about seeing Santa, but, I do want to get candy."
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  1. Hi Leah, I just wanted to let you know that I found you. I have been a reader of yours on THL for quite some time now, but have never visited your blog. The giveaway is nice but I mostly wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!


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