Open House and Giveaway

TaDa! Here it is. I am loving this blogging venue and have big plans for some blog designs. But, for now, if you are a long time friend or some of my family members that follow my blog, I hope you’ve found me.

In honor of my new bloggy home, I am hosting a giveaway. I have recently read some great books and will pass them on to you, my faithful readers, if you enter in the comments below. I have The Note by Angela Hunt, Truth Teller by Angela Hunt, and My Heart’s at Home by Jill Savage.

Here is how the giveaway will work:
Points will be awarded for the following:
5 entries for leaving me a comment here
3 entries for subscribing to my feed
3 entries for letting me know how you found my blog (Were you my friend before, are you a family member, did you read about me on someone else’s blog?)
3 entries if you pass on the word by sharing this giveaway on your blog and linking back here

On Wednesday, November 26 (which is my birthday by the way), I will enter your name as many times as you have earned and have one of my lovely children randomly draw three names. If you’d like to have a specific book, let me know that in your comment. Otherwise, I will randomly determine what book each winner receives.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? So, enter and tell your friends. If you are my family members who read and don’t comment (you know who you are), this should draw you out of the woodwork.

Have fun and welcome to my blog!

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