Southern Christmas Show

We went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte today. The girls and I along with my mom and sister went. Charles had the good fortune to stay with my dad.

It has been several years since I went to the show. I used to go every year with my mom while growing up. After I had children, the show going somehow slowed down. So, this year, I asked my mom if she wanted to go. I will admit it was my idea. I hadn’t been in a while. I talked my sister into it too. After all, it is more fun with all of us, right?

I felt perhaps it was not a good idea to go on Friday, but it worked out that this was the best day for all of us to go and for Charles to stay with my dad. (Somehow, I didn’t think Charles and a craft show = fun.) So, off we went this morning.

Apparently Friday was a good day for the rest of the Southeast to go to the show also. As we fought the crowd to get in the door, I said something about how Friday may not have been a good day. I was promptly shushed.

After some squeezing and ramming people with the double stroller, we decided to head to the back and walk around first. The show is held in three different buildings. The first building has decorated rooms, dollhouses, trains, Santa, and some vendors. The other two rooms have mostly vendors- lots with food samples (yum). So, we headed to the back.

As we walked, we discovered that there was some disagreement among us about where and when we were eating lunch. I thought we had decided to shop and snack but leave for lunch because I didn’t think the kids (much less myself) could make it more than a few hours. We had a few moments of good natured teasing and headed to the back to fill up on food samples.

The kids really did a good job. Kathryne was old enough to be interested in what was going on. Ashlyne and Rachel took turns pushing the stroller into people (as I regretted having even wrestled it out of the car) and climbing in and out of the stroller as they begged me to go see Santa. They had caught a glimpse of him as we pushed our way through the front room.

After six or seven aisles of vendors, we headed out of the back room. My mom decided to tour the other back room, while my sister and I headed to the front to take the girls to see Santa, trains, and dollhouses. I stopped at the NC Vinyards to booth to pick up a bottle of blackberry wine (for cooking of course) but felt that I should stay longer and have some samples in order to make it through.

I declined the wine and let the girls see all the kid stuff. We met back up with my mom (who I think secretly enjoyed her time through the back room without all of us) and headed out for lunch.

I won’t even go into our trip home; although let’s just say we went MUCH farther than we needed to. We did stop and get lunch.

I had a great time. It was definitely an adventure. We girls always have fun together. On the way home we laughed and laughed at our mishaps. Are you all ready to go back next year? (Or perhaps we’ll wait another few.)

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