Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I have had lots of trouble with this post and my pictures, but I am hoping to share with you a photo blog of our Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Kathryne posing with her thankful tree. We made them on Wednesday:

Charles and Kathryne enjoyed climbing the tree at Aunt Jackie’s after lunch:

Jason’s family Thanksgiving is held at the fire station because his cousin is a volunteer fireman. the kids always enjoy climbing on the “big rock” outside the fire station.

The kids enjoyed appetizers- turkeys made with apples and marshmallows by cousin Max and Pilgrim hats we made:

The after dinner fire truck ride:

The kids enjoyed foosball, ping pong and pool after dinner:

After dinner and visiting, we left the children to go home with Jason’s mom and dad, so we could go Black Friday shopping. On our way home, we drove by to see some of the “hot spots. ” At 9:30pm, there were tents set up outside Best Buy to open at 5am:

The mall in Rock Hill was giving away $50 gift cards to the first 250 people at 5am. The picture is not very clear, but about 30 were already lined up at 9:30om.

We went home for a nap between 12-2am. At 3am we headed to the mall in Pineville for Rockin Shoppin Eve. We shopped from 3am-11 then had breakfast with some friends. Then we went home for a nap before heading to Jason’s brother’s house to pick up the kids. Jason’s uncle and his family who had been unable to make it for Thursday night came and visited for a while, and his son came home to spend the night with us. He is a senior in high school and a very sweet young man. The kids love spending time with him. The big kids stayed up late talking to him. He taught Charles calculus and played DS with Kathryne.

It was a great Thanksgiving and a good time with family and friends. I am so thankful to God for all He has blessed us with!

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