This week I want to invite you to nominate your family to their correct categories as well has have others nominate them. While my two sisters are listed under Best Teen and Best Design, those definitely are NOT the best traits they have nor the funniest. This is how you do it…. you post the category that best describes each of your family members and write something about why you nominated them in that category, and you’re welcome to post photos. You can see mine below for an example.

And the awards are (drumroll please):
Jason: Best Daddy- Okay, he’s the only daddy we have, but he sure is a great one. He’s always willing to play with the kiddos and lets me go out for a bit of alone time on the weekend!
Kathryne: Most Creative- If there is a project to be done, she will think of it.
Charles: Funniest- Charles brings humor to our house. When he was just a little tot, we would go to Cracker Barrel for supper and the manager there loved teaching him jokes. He always got a kick out of little Charles cracking jokes.
Ashlyne: Daddy’s Little Honeydew- I have to give her this award because it is a standing joke between her and Jason. He calls her that and she insists she is not, but she really enjoys it. Today she broke down and said she WAS Daddy’d little Honeydew.
Rachel: Best Blonde- Rachel is strawberry blond, but we always affectionately call her our little blond child. She likes to pretend she is sort of ditzy, but she is actually very smart and will impress you by something she knows.

You can participate in Homeschool Memoirs at the Homeschool Blog Awards blog.

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