A Christmas Tree

We started a new tradition last year- we didn’t put up our tree until Christmas Eve. We have a very small house, and we just didn’t know where to put it.
I’ll be honest. I could do without a tree. When Jason and I first got married, the tree was one of the most stressful parts of the holiday. We used to buy a real tree. It was sooo expensive, and did I mention I hate putting on lights?
For some reason Jason assumed I would be the one to put the lights on the tree each year- a tradition in his family. On our second Christmas together, I had the lights so badly twisted around the tree that we ended up throwing the lights away with the tree!
One year when Kathryne and Charles were very small, we decided to cut down our own tree from a friend’s land to save money. Jason cut down a cute cedar tree and brought it home. We set it up intending to decorate it the next morning. When we went into the room the next morning, we were startled by little bugs on the window. Upon closer inspection, we saw they were baby praying mantises. Cute, but how did they get in? We scooped them up in a cup and took them outside. When we came back in, we found more. We took those out and came back to see where they were coming from. It didn’t take long to figure it out. The window behind the tree and the floor under it and the tree itself were COVERED in thousands of baby praying mantises. Closer inspection revealed an open cocoon on a tree branch!
Even though we had hoped to spare the mantises, we finally gave up, sprayed the tree with bug spray, left the house for a few hours and then came back to clean up the carcasses.
Is it any surprise Christmas Trees are not high on my happy holiday list?
The last few years, we have used an artificial tree. We keep it put together all the time with the lights on it. In fact, we inherited it from my parents with the lights on it. We store it in our building covered in a sheet. We bring it in the house each year and decorate it with lots of homemade and family collected ornaments- much nicer than fighting lights and praying mantises.
I really liked not putting the tree up until Christmas Eve last year. We didn’t have to trip around it for so long, and I think it kept the focus off of the tree and presents last year.
With my history with Christmas trees, I was amused to see this Christmas tree quiz on my friend Ginny’s blog. The quiz is from Blogthings.

What Color Christmas Tree Should You Have?

You Should Have a Purple Christmas Tree
For you, the holidays represent a time of creativity and expression.
There’s no way you’d do something bland simply for tradition’s sake.

You are an independent person, and you definitely do the holidays your own way.
And you’re decadent enough to go way over the top with any unusual holiday ideas you have.

Your purple tree would look great with: Purple lights and ornaments

You should spend Christmas Eve watching: A Christmas Story

What you should bake for Santa: “Kitchen sink” cookies – with a ton of things in them

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