A Good Day

I had planned to go to the museum today. We are members, and they are having special family days during the school vacation days. Ashlyne woke up at 6am very congested and running a slight fever. I was concerned about her and sorry to think we might not go to the museum. I prayed for quite a while that she might be able to go bakc to sleep and wake feeling better. She did! I am always amazed that God cares and takes care of the little things in my life. She was not 100% but no fever, and we had lots of fun at the museum.

One of the current favorite exhibits is a room that has all kinds of information about the Catawba River which is close to us. The children enjoyed playing with a water table, doing a puppet show and learning about the fish and other animals that live in and near the river. One big plus was that, because we chose not to see the planetarium show, we had the whole room to ourselves for almost 45 minutes! We had a great time.

We finished our trip with lunch at Sonic which is on our way home from the museum. We picnicked in the van. The weather is so nice that the kids got to play outside before and after the museum also.

It was a good day!

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