Cookie Day

Each year Cookie Day is a Christmas tradition. Usually we have cousins from both sides here. But this year, everyone was busy, so we did Cookie Day here on our own. The kids always look forward to this day!
Ashlyne and Rachel- the sugar cookie decorators.

Kathryne showing off one of her masterpieces.
Charles getting ready to sample Candy cane brownies

And Ashlyne doing one of the favorite Cookie Day activities: licking the bowl!
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  1. I think it's hysterical that the little girls are in their bathing suits. Were they planning on hitting the pool outside when they were done? Or were you going to take them outside and hose them off?

  2. I think the hosing off would have been appropriate given the state they were in after the decorating. ;-)
    But, actually, it was just their chosen attire for the day. I don't even ask why anymore.


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