Family Christmas Take 1

Today was the first Christmas get together for the season. We gathered at my sister’s house with my side of the family for our Christmas. We always do a heavy munchies kind of thing instead of a meal, and then we open gifts.
We open gifts from youngest to oldest. I was a little concerned about my kids’ response this year. I knew that they were getting big gifts that were for the four of them, not little gifts for each. I always like this better, but I know that they like getting little toys. They were very pleased and excited though. My mom and dad got them a trampoline. They are anxiously awaiting Jason putting it together. They also got each of them a Webkinz. That was a big hit! From my sister’s family, they got a DVD/VCR player for the four of them. We really needed this because our VCR died and we still have VHS tapes- lots of kid movies. I’m also excited to have a permanent DVD player for the school room, so I don’t have to move one back and forth. The kids were excited about it- especially when my sister let them borrow the Star Wars collection on VHS. They also got great toys from my brother’s family. Charles was especially thrilled with a remote controlled car.
Kathryne had done some special gifting of her own this year. She is truly my child whose love language is gifts. She had decided to choose my brother’s family as the special recipients. She has picked different family members each year. She made my sister-in-law a pot holder and my brother and two nephews fleece lap blankets. She also did gift bags for all family members decorating them and filling them with candy and goodies she bought herself.
All in all, we had a great day. I always enjoy being together with the family. Jason took 165 pictures. He was in charge of the camera. I have uploaded some to Picasa if you’d like to see them, please visit my Picasa album.

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