Getting Back Into the Routines

Happy After Christmas! Jason will be going back to work today- at least for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I was able to get Christmas cleaned up Saturday- all except for our little tree. So, my plan is to get back into some sort of a routine this week. After all, we can't just sit around and play the Wii all day indefinitely!
Here is our plan for the week:
Monday- at home day; maybe a little science and Bible
Tuesday- Family day at our local museum- we're going on a field trip
Wednesday- a little school in the morning; in the afternoon we'll head to Jason's brother's where we spend the night for New Years.
Thursday- breakfast together and some play with cousins and then home for the day
Friday- my brother's kids coming for an after Christmas cookie day: with more and more of the nieces and nephews getting older and in college, it is getting harder and harder to do it before Christmas!
Saturday- do some house cleaning and planning for starting back to school
Sunday- the first Sunday services at church; I start teaching the 3s Sunday school class!

Wow! Looking at it, it looks like a busy week. In reality, I hope it isn't extremely busy and that we can get back into the swing of things somewhat.

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  1. Hi Leah!!

    It sounds like y'all had a great Christmas!!! :) I enjoyed reading about it and looking at the pics you have posted. Ours was good, but quiet. We are waiting to really celebrate until Carl comes back on the 6th.

    It does sound like a busy week for y'all!! lol - but it sounds like a fun one!

    Ours is kind of busy but kind of slow - I am actually trying to find things to go out and do because I want this last week before Carl comes home to go by quickly! :)

    Thanks for your prayers! They truly are appreciated! I am hoping that once Carl comes home and things settle I will get to browse and post more comments on my friends' blogs. lol

    Blessings and hugs!


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