The Dog We Almost Had

Last night we had a dog- for about 8 hours.

Jason and I had a black lab early in our marriage. She was the most wonderful dog. When Kathryne was still a baby, we had to have her put to sleep. She was about 15 years old and had a stroke. So, none of our children have ever really known a dog. Two children- who shall remain nameless here- are VERY afraid of dogs. So, we have wanted to have a dog in order to help the kids get used to them. Unfortunately, starting a dog from a puppy is an expensive venture. And we have to be careful because Jason is allergic to some, but not all, dogs.
The other night an offer came through the homeschool e-mail loop that there was a labradoodle to be given away. He was fourteen months old, already had all his first year stuff done and had had obedience training. It seemed like the perfect opportunity. Jason visited yesterday evening, his allergies did not seem to be affected, and he brought the dog home.
Unfortunately, Jason WAS affected by the dog. After the kids were able to see him and bond with him before bed, we noticed Jason’s eyes were swelling and he was having trouble breathing. He had to use his inhaler several times. In the night, I ended up getting up and sitting up with the dog in the living room to keep him out of the bedroom with Jason. When Charles got up this morning, his eyes were also swollen almost shut.
Needless, to say, we now have no dog. Thankfully, we were able to get in touch with another family who had wanted to look at him. The original owners were unable to take him back today, but the other family agreed to at least keep him over the weekend and decide if they wanted him permanently.
The blessing (and evidence to me that God cares about the little things) is that my kids know the little girl the dog went to. And because of that, they felt less bad about letting him go.

And we are still dogless. Looks like we’ll remain that way for a while!

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