We completed our second annual gingerbread house the other night. I recall now that I vowed last year never to do it again. So, why did I? Perhaps it is like childbirth. The memory of the pain passes with time, and you forget everything but the joy.And, so, we found ourselves at the table with a gingerbread house kit, a sticky mess of icing, wayyyy to much candy , and four hyped up kids.

After the decorating had begun: notice the sticky mouths from the amount of candy being eaten.
And the finished product: Hmmm, doesn’t look like the picture on the box.

And we are finished with our gingerbread house for another year. I didn’t add the picture of the way the house looks now with most of the candy missing. Jason has been as guilty as the kids.

Some other traditions we are enjoying are a little less messy. We are doing a Jesse Tree for the second time this year. I used this website to get the information, and I printed out the ornaments. We also use an Advent wreath every year and light a candle each Sunday night and the Christ candle on Christmas Eve after the church service. We countdown to Christmas using Usborne’s Advent Nativity Book and setting up a Nativity scene. Closer to Christmas, we’ll have a cookie day with extended family.

I really enjoy this season because of all those traditions. I have made a conscious effort over the past few years to do away with the “traditions” that were stressful and time consuming and to spend time doing those things that we enjoy and that bring our focus to Christ.

I would love for you to share with me some of your family Christmas traditions. This is an interactive blog post, so please comment. 🙂

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