2008 Year in Review

I have to begin this post with an aaaaagh. I typed out a beautiful post with pictures and lost it!

So, I think I’ll stick to posting with no pictures.

2008 has been an interesting year. Jason is finishing up a two year school program. His being in school has really stretched us as a family. It has been quite and adventure for me to be a single parent Monday through Thursday as he goes to school after work each day. I have grown in my faith this year, I believe, as I have had to rely on God for strength to make It through. I have also learned to focus more on Him throughout the stresses and anxiety I have faced being here alone all day every day.

Our children:
Kathryne turned 9 this year. Jason tells her she’s halfway to the point where she gets booted out at age 18!
Charles turned 7 this year and has decided to grow his hair out. He is looking quite different from the little buzzed head we’ve always had.
Ashlyne turned 4 this year. She has started doing some school work and is almost ready to begin reading.
Rachel turned 3 this year and was potty trained!. I no longer have a nursing or diapered baby!

Sad Times:
Jason’s grandmother passed away this summer. She lived in town, and the children knew her pretty well. She has been missed in the family.
At the end of the summer, we went through a long three weeks of a bad virus that hit everyone in the family. It was a very trying time and one of the most long lasting illnesses we’ve had.

Good Times:
We were given a pool this summer- a large above ground pool. We love it!
We have really recognized the value of family days, and we take time whenever we can to just hang out at home together. I am so thankful that the kids love to be home with us!
We have also discovered the joy of watching football as a family. Our Sunday afternoon past time is to gather in the living room and watch the games as Charles gives a commentary.
another blessing we have had was the ability to buy our conversion van- affectionately known as Big Red- and the fact that gas prices started to go back down soon after we bought him!

In May, we went camping at Andrew Jackson State Park for Memorial Day.
Jason and I were able to go to the homeschool convention in June.
In July, we went on our annual beach trip to North Myrtle. This year, we went and visited a great museum in Ocean Isle.
In September, we went on another camping trip to Andrew Jackson.

All in all, we have been very blessed this year. In the coming year, we look forward to Jason finishing school, and we look forward to seeing what god has in store for us.

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