New Years Resolutions

I realize I am a little behind in my New Years Resolutions post. This is January 5th. I have intended to write this post for several days now, but I have put it off for several reasons. I really haven’t had loads of time to post. And, I think New Years Resolutions are a little corny.

But, corny or not, I am going to post a few resolutions or goals, shall we say. This time next year, I can read back over my blog posts and evaluate.

Spiritual goals:
*Read through the Bible in a year. I usually do this anyway- a habit I have developed since my college years. This year, I am following along in the accountability group with my friends from the Homeschool Lounge.
* Study the book of Revelation by reading the book and by reading books about Revelation. I have an interest in the this because our pastor preached out of the book several years ago and again at Christmas this year he used a passage out of Revelation as the basis of our Advent messages.

Educational Goals:
* Read the original works of Charlotte Mason and plan how to incorporate more of her philosophies into how I teach.
* Work on handwriting more with my older children. I am afraid I have been remiss in this area.

Personal health:
* Exercise at least 3 times a week.
* Continue making changes to more natural/homemade things in our diets and less processed. This has been almost a two year long journey so far. We are doing much better, but there are still some areas I could change.

* Make meals ahead on Saturday to freeze.
* Follow cleaning chart for monthly and quarterly jobs.

There it is. I also have some other reading goals I posted about in my other blog- Good Reads.

Happy New Year!

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