Planning for the Week

We are finally getting back into a normal routine. I love routine.

Here is the plan for the week:
Monday– Ashlyne is spending the night with Grandmommy tonight, so we will be short a child tomorrow. The museum is having a Family Day and we will go IF the weather is not so cold and rainy as this morning. Ashlyne will come home in the evening. Jason has no school!
Tuesday– Stay at home and do school.
Wednesday– We will do the library if we haven’t gone out on Monday. If we do go out tomorrow, we’ll skip the library this week, so we can have a normal school week. AWANA is in the evening.
Thursday and Friday will be stay at home and do school days. Thursday evening we may go to my mom and dad’s for supper while Jason is at school.

For school, we are reading The Sign of the Beaver; listening to Story of the World; studying the animal kingdom; and working ahead in Math U See.

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