As we are ending up this second week in January, I am evaluating how my 2009 is going.

School goals- I have not started school back yet. My intent was to start Monday, but we ended up having a busy week planned. So, I used this week to work on our schedule and some cleaning things. I cleaned out and organized our school cubbies and all four bookshelves today. Hopefully we are good to go on Monday. I am still good on days (We have to have 180 days in South Carolina) because I school through the summer and did some school through “Christmas break.”
I use a quarterly schedule for school, schooling year round.
Quarter 1- June- August- I do a “summer school” unit during these months. We don’t necessarily keep regular school days but allow for vacations, VBS, and such.
Quarter 2- September-November- I use this as our “back to school” time moving up to the next grade level as needed.
Quarter 3- December-February- We took most of December off of “real school” and did a holiday unit study.
Quarter 4- March- May- We will try to finish up our “regular curriculum” in May around the time schools here get out.
I am moving more and more to a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. I am realizing that this is really what I’ve been doing and looking for all along. I just feel a little more organized about it now.
This quarter we are going to be reading The Sign of the Beaver, using Story of The World Volume one as a spine with some supplementary reading, continuing Math U See with Charles in Gamma and Kathryne in Delta, and using a textbook form Answers in Genesis for science. I’m going to try to bring in some supplementary “real” books for science also, but I am willing to use the textbook because I love Answers in Genesis’s materials sooo much!
I have tweaked our schedule just a little, but for the most part, we are going to use the same schedule as last quarter.

Fitness goals- I am not doing so great in this area. I have been very slack in doing my Wii Fitness Coach. I really find that the more busy I am during the week, the less time I make for this.

Spiritual goals- I am doing well here. I sometimes find that I can’t read every day in my reading through the Bible, but I can usually catch up easily and reading online with the reading plan at makes it easy.

Homemaking goals- Meal planning is going pretty well. I haven’t tried my cooking ahead on Saturdays because I wasn’t home last Saturday! I did a major house cleaning on Tuesday, along with freecycling and clearing out some things.

We’ll see how next week goes with school starting back. Sometimes it is much easier to plan how I want things to go than to actually implement the plans!

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