The Ending of January 2009

It is hard to believe that we are already in the final day of the first month of the year! We have celebrated a birthday this month (Charles’s), enjoyed some snow (not much), and gotten back into a school routine (mostly).

We are really enjoying our Christmas gifts. My personal favorite is the Wii. I never thought I would enjoy a game system sooo much! I also enjoy the trampoline because I can send the kids out to play on it to get lots of energy out.

As we head into February, we have some exciting things to look forward to: Jason has not much longer left of school (Yea!), I am going to Charleston with my mom and sister to hear the symphony (with no kids), and we are looking forward to hosting a Valentines Day party in a couple of weeks (Happy Valentines Day!).

Of course, our immediate event to look forward to is the Superbowl tomorrow! Go Steelers! We are having a small family party complete with food and game watching.

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