A Better Day

Rachel was sick yesterday, and I did one of my least favorite things- go to the pediatrician. Don’t get me wrong. We really love our group of doctors. But I always feel as if I am walking into a germ ridden minefield every time we enter! If the child wasn’t sick when we went in, she is sure to be when we leave!

Rachel was sick upon waking up yesterday. She has had a cough and runny nose for a while. At first I thought this might be a run of the mill virus, but it didn’t seem to follow that pattern, and she wasn’t running fever, but she acted sooo sick. So, I took her in. No strep, no flu, just a virus. The doctor described it as not really a stomach virus, just a virus with these respiratory symptoms that is going around. She was feeling better by yesterday evening and is much better today. We did decide to forego AWANA tonight in the hopes of not spreading this- especially since Ashlyne has the yucky nose today too.

So, we had a pretty regular morning and then went out to take lunch to Daddy at the church.

Here was Ashlyne’s chosen attire for the day: She was a cowgirl.


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