Homeschooling With Preschoolers

 I am homeschooling my second set of preschoolers currently. When Charles and Kathryne, my older two were preschoolers, I was much more “serious” about school. After all, I had been a teacher. When they were 2 and 3, I sat them down at the table several times a week and did “gather at the table time.” We studied letters and numbers, and I used Before Five in a Row to do some literature studies. By the time Kathryne was 5, I had started her with ABEKA materials. So, she did letters and sounds, numbers, and language practice. Charles started the next year and did the same. It was a great program. They both learned to read quickly. Charles is advanced now- a grade level ahead of his age- because he did so much with Kathryne.

This time around, I am much more laid back about school in general. I have gradually moved into more of a Charlotte Mason style approach over the years. My two preschoolers now- Ashlyne (4) and Rachel (3) are still learning, but I use much less structure. I have found that they actually learn a lot just from being in the room where the big kids are learning. It is not unusual for me to hear Ashlyne reciting facts from Story of the World or Rachel answering questions about the NT overview we are doing for Bible.

I do try to sit down with them for some structure time once or twice a week. Some of that time is spent working on Bible verses for AWANA. The rest of the time, we read, we do lapbooks, we do worksheets, they use they computer, etc. This year, I have used the ABC lapbook from Homeschool Share to introduce all the letters and their sounds. I have used Starfall for computer practice and printable phonics worksheets. I have the Math U See primer level for Ashlyne, and she is beginning it slowly. I have been reading Little Bear books to them because I have some really nice Little Bear notebooking pages that I got free(can’t remember the source).

I don’t really plan on buying any preschool curriculum this go round- except the Math U See. And still, Ashlyne is already reading simple words. Rachel can identify some letters, but she is in no hurry. So, still they are learning. I’m going to continue with a Charlotte Mason, literature type approach with them, and my hope is that, by the time they are in first and second grade, I an have two “levels” of work going on with a schedule that will allow me to move between the two.

That’s my plan anyway. I love the preschool age, and I am just taking the time to enjoy them and let them enjoy the wonder of learning for themselves!

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