A wonderful thing happened in our house tonight. I had that rare, sweet joy of witnessing pure sibling love.

Ashlyne has had a treasured set of Disney Princess stickers this weekend. She picked them out at Grandmommy’s house on Thursday, realizing in her astute four year old mind, that they were matched sets of princesses and that she could wear these as stick on earrings. And so she has, carefully planning the night before which set she was going to wear next.

Unfortunately this afternoon, the sticker sheet with two sets left were left in the room she shares with Rachel at nap time. Rachel pulled them off and stuck them on her Barbies. Uh oh. I discovered this after nap. I quickly pulled them off the Barbies and stuck them back on the sheet, rejoicing that they seemed to restick well- all but one. One Jasmine sticker had apparently lost it’s sticky back! Rachel, to her credit was trying to replace it to no avail. I stuck the back on wrong side out and hoped against hope that Ashlyne would tire of her earring plan before she realized what happened.

No luck. After her bath tonight, Ashlyne hurried to her room and picked up the sticker sheet. I heard great tears and wailings ensue. Of course, Jasmine was the pair she had picked to wear tomorrow. I knelt beside her and hugged her. My mama’s heart hurt for her. I knew that even though it was just stickers, it meant so much to her. I wanted to fix it. I thought of all the possible solutions. Could we maybe run to Walmart and buy the baby some more stickers?

Thankfully, I kept my mouth shut. Because the sweet, beautiful moments began. Charles and Kathryne came in, drawn by their sister’s tears. Charles knelt by the bed and offered to try to fix it. “Ashlyne, do you want me to put it in my fix it box?” I tried to be realistic about the possibility of it being fixed, but he was insistent. Then Ashlyne looked at Kathyrne tearfully. “When we get to pick out of the treasure box again, will you leave the other sheet of stickers for me?” Kathryne assured her she would. Charles dashed out of the room, and lo and behold, came back in a few minutes later with the sticker mostly fixed. At least I think she’ll be able to wear it tomorrow. Ashlyne had recovered quickly. The love of her family had reminded her of what was really important. Will we have a melt down tomorrow if the sticker doesn’t stick? Maybe. But I like to think she’ll remember the beauty of tonight and be warmed by it. I know I will.

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