A Great March Madness Contest

I enjoy reading Malia Russell’s ideas at Homemaking 911. She’s having a great contest for March Madness right now with lots of great prizes. You can read about it below and them go enter at Homemaking 911.

I LOVE springtime. I love green grass. I love flowers poking up from the ground. I love flowers blooming.

I realize of course, that not all my readers are in the United States, but for those who are here, isn’t springtime lovely?

To celebrate Springtime and March, I am doing a fun giveaway. (All physical products will only be shipped to U.S. and Canadian Destinations). Electronic prizes can of course be claimed anywhere!

Here are the prizes.
-1 copy of the book: Chaos to Order: 25 Tools Bringing Organization to Your Home and One Copy of the Audio CD workshop to go along with it.
Prize B
-1 hour of free Website Consulting from www.crossbusinesstools.com
1 hour of free facebook Consulting for Your Small Business from Christina Russell (my adult daughter and facebook consultant)
1 Free Ticket ( I will be giving TWO of these away)
To Seasons at Home Online Seminars!
We designed these to be hands-on, just like our magazine. Every seminar will contain great things for you to ‘do’. Again, just like our magazine, we aren’t just going to sit and talk! When you sign up for the current month’s conference, you are signed up for both The Wise Guy seminar, and The Joyous Home-Making Seminar. They are 2 day, 3 1/2 hour seminars on each day. The conference cost covers BOTH days; The Wise Guy one day, Joyous Home-Making the next.

Joyous Home is in the business of teaching you how to make things for your home. Each Joyous Home-Making seminar will hold projects with handouts; sewing, cooking, baking, homeschooling, Titus 2 encouragement and the list goes on. We are very excited about these new conferences! Find out more about the Joyous Home-Making seminars here!

The Wise Guy seminars are where dads can come and get encouragement and how to’s from John Powers. John will have “Auto-Talks” in each seminar. John has seen a decline in new car purchases and an increase in people coming to get car repair done. This can only mean that the ecomony is dictating it’s time to keep those cars until they drop dead. He has worked as a master technician for Honda the last 23 years. He’s knows the in’s and out’s of not only the auto-repair industry, but also what it takes to do basic repair at home. This is a wonderful chance to teach your sons, ask questions, and learn and save money.
Usborne books from Ann-Howard Wood, an Educational Supervisor with Usborne Books at Home
Beginner Series # 4 which includes the following titles: Planet Earth: Sun, Moon, and Stars; Antarctica; Trash and Recycling; and Weather www.ubah.com/E2976

A Bottle of Bee Immune (Bee Propolis – 500mg – 100 Capsules)

Take bee propolis, and germs—wherever you pick them up—won’t stand a chance. Feel like you’re coming down with a cold? Been exposed to strep throat? Boost your immune system by taking bee propolis, and get back into action within the day.
A copy of the book: Clutter’ Last Stand by Don Aslett. It’s Time to De-Junk Your Life
A copy of the book: The Values Driven Family by Marc and Cynthia Carrier of: www.valuesdrivenfamily.com
One copy of ALL Homemaking 911 Downloads. (Excludes downloads from other publishers hosted on our site.) This includes:
-High School Graduate portfolio
-Chaos to Order Audio workshop
-The Joy of the Lord is my Strength Audio workshop
-Keeping Young Ones Happy and Occupied
-Overcoming Bitterness and Judgmental Thoughts.
-Managing the Multi-Level Home School
-Save Gas Money! – E-book

Digging Out of Debt E-book from Tawra at www.livingonadime.com
Ready to get out of debt for good? It is easier than you think!
Dig Out Of Debt: 1,000 of the Best Ideas from LivingOnADime.com is a series of 5 e-books containing a total of 229 pages of the most popular information from the LivingOnADime.com web site. This e-book series includes the same information as the printed Dig Out of Debt book. The Dig Out of Debt Series is included in the Living On A Dime Extravaganza.

* Save over $10,000 a year on groceries!
* Stop throwing your money away in the chaos and clutter!
* Get out of debt even when you have kids.
* Learn inexpensive but creative ways to make your holidays memorable!
* Read how Michael and Tawra paid off $20,000 debt on $22,000 per year income!

Prize K (We have TWO of these to give away!)

Shelley from One Roast Vegetable is giving away two free passes to her amazing Back to Basics online cooking class. The lucky winner receives 14-weeks of video lessons including how to hard boil an egg, roast a chicken, make fabulous burgers from scratch, AND her secret 4-ingredient recipe for cinnamon ice cream. This 14-week video class usually sells for $37 (and the last class sold out in 4.5 hours). You can learn more about the Back to Basics Cooking Class here: http://tinyurl.com/oneroastveg


PRIZE L (We have two of these to give away!)

the e-book: Purposeful Planning from http://www.Phyllis-Sather.com

Does having your spouse’s undivided attention appeal to you? Planning weekends give you time to dream, to talk together about what you wish, or want, at a time when the other person is really listening.

Do you need a plan to keep your family moving in the direction the Lord is leading you? Perhaps you don’t know where the Lord is leading you. Phyllis takes you step-by-step through the process of planning a time together for your family to help determine the path the Lord is choosing for each area of your life. Her family has followed this format for over 12 years and has found that it provides the compass they’ve needed to plan and stay on course.

This time-tested method of planning will give your family new direction for the future. Start today! Choose the dates for your planning weekend, read her book which has the entire “how to” included, and go for it!

Now to find out the details about entering, go visit her at Homemaking 911.

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