February Review

We are already at the end of February! It is hard to believe winter is mostly over- especially since, as I type this, snow is falling hard and heavy outside my window. Leave it to the weather in the South to have a heavy snow right before spring.

In February, I have kept up with my reading list for the year. If you’d like to see what I’ve been reading and reviewing, check out my Good Reads book review blog. Currently I am reading the last book in the Joel Rosenburg end times series, the book of Deuteronomy in my read through the Bible in a year, Reversed Thunder by Eugene Peterson, and12 False Beliefs that drive Christians Crazy by Henry Cloud.

In our school work, we have finished reading Sign of the Beaver. I have ordered the Netflix movie and am hoping to watch it this week as well as have the children do a report on the book. I have told them they could choose a written report or any type of presentation. Charles is almost finished with Math U See Gamma, and Kathryne is well into Delta. Charles is really not liking Math U See, so I have ordered him a Spectrum math book, and I am going to try that out after he finishes Gamma. We are reading about the Roman Empire in story of the World volume One. In science, we are continuing to learn about the Animal Kingdom from the Answers in Genesis, God’s Design series. I have been giving the children cursive handwriting lessons because we don’t use a formal handwriting curriculum. For fun, we are enjoying going to gymnastics at a local gymnastics center that has started an open gym time. We are also for fun reading Martin the Warrior in the Redwall series. As an extra, Kathryne is taking sewing lessons from a friend of mine. She has discovered a new joy in sewing and is actually quite good at it!
I have found a Charlotte Mason style homeschool organizer at Simply Charlotte Mason. I am going to give it a try. They have a free month trial. I have been using the free version of Homeschool Tracker, but since I have started using a much more Charlotte Mason style approach, I have found that Homeschool Tracker doesn’t work well for my record keeping. March-May is our 4th quarter based on the year round schedule I use, so I decided to try the CM Organizer for this last quarter. If I like it, I think it will be worth paying for next year.

As far as projects around the house, I haven’t done much more than keep things clean and the pantry stocked. Most days I feel like that is a major accomplishment! Jason and I have been doing some garden planning. We didn’t even try last spring with him in school, but I think we’ll be able to do something this year as he is finishing up.

Personally, I will be very glad when Jason finishes up school in May! He will have spring break next week (which is conveniently his birthday week). Then he will graduate May 12. That will be a big event for our family. The last two years have been hard on us. I am very proud of him because he has been on the President’s List every semester!

This week will probably be a stay at home week. It looks as if the snow will keep us in tomorrow at least. Then the girls have all had colds- bad colds for the little girls. So, we’ve been homebound most of last week. Another week will probably do us good.

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