Happy Birthday, Ashlyne

My third baby is five today. I kept teasing her telling her I would only put four candles on her cake and not let her turn five. She wasn’t convinced.

I don’t why, but I see such a gap between four and five. They just seem to mature so much in that year. I think part of it is knowing that if they were going away to school that would mean the year of separation. I’m so glad we stay home.

Ashlyne is my sweet wild child anyway. She has always been my most independent child. Her personality can be summed up in this exchange we had a few months ago at bedtime:
Me: Goodnight, Ashlyne. Are you my girl today?
Ashlyne: No
Me: Are you Daddy’s girl today?
Ashlyne: No
Me: Well whose girl are you?
Ashlyne: I am my own girl.

And she most definitely is! She is also an extremely deep and compassionate child. As much as I hate to see her grow up, i love watching her become the person she is becoming.

We are celebrating Saturday with some of her friends and our family. I hope to post party pictures then.

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