Happy Birthday to Jason

Today is my sweetheart's birthday! He is my hero. In a culture where men are increasingly away from home, he is a family man, and we are so blessed to have him. He loves me and our children. He is my best friend. He is definitely my better half! As he often says, he is the pole to my flag because he is solid and steady when I am flighty and moving. He is my protector and my safe place.

I know that God has put us together, and I am so thankful!

I often tell him that this song reminds me of him every time I hear it. He certainly does have a life to be proud of.

Happy birthday, Babe. I love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jason!!
    I hope you had a super one!!!

    I am planning on coming to Rock Hill the 20th/21st (without hubby and kids) to visit my SIL & nephew. Maybe we can all get together for lunch somewhere on Saturday??? I am sure my SIL would love to get out of the house and I know I would love to meet you and yours. :)


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