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I had never visited Mt.Hope Chronicles, but I found this lovely meme today thanks to a friend’s blog. Family time is very important to us. These last two years as Jason has been in school, we have found ourselves working extra hard to make it a priority on the weekends when he is home. I am so thankful that our older children are starting to see the value and prefer to choose time at home as a family over anything else!

Here is the description of the meme: Everyone is invited to join in. Simply share on your own blog what you do (hope to do in the future, have done in the past, or remember from your childhood) to make daily connections and memories with your family.

So, what do we do daily to make connections? We have many routines that build connections as a family. The children and I go over the day together every morning and talk about what we are doing for the day. On Mondays, we also share prayer requests and pray for a missionary family for the week.

Throughout the day, we do lots of reading together. We read for school and for pleasure, and I have noticed over the years that this is something that definitely builds connections.

I try to take the kids to eat lunch with Jason once a week or so. This has been especially important these last two years as they don’t see him much during the week.

Bedtimes are another opportunity for connections. We read together, talk together and pray together.

Friday night and Saturdays are family times because Daddy is home! The kids have started calling Saturday, Dadderday over the last two years! They love it that Daddy is home on Saturday mornings. They often watch cartoons or play the Wii with him, and then we will sometimes have a pancake breakfast together.

For us, it has been the little things that build connections: the traditions shared, the time taken to just be together.

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