The Magic Yellow Bus or Keeping the Focus

The last two weeks have been rough ones for me. We’ve had quite a bit of sickness: colds, coughs, pink eye. I haven’t been in top form myself feeling especially draggy and achy. I’ve also had more discipline training issues to deal with. Isn’t that always how it is when folks have been sick?

And so, more than once, over the last few days, I have found myself wishing that the magic yellow bus came to our house each day, to whisk away at least some of these children to school for many hours. Sometimes when I am in the midst of it all, it seems as if it would get easier if I weren’t in the midst of it all. If they just weren’t here so much, if we just weren’t together so often.

But then God gently nudges my heart. And I remember why we are here in this place living this life. I hear my baby girl singing “Gwory, gwory, halelula, He reigns.” I deal with a stubborn behavior and glimpse maybe just a small softening of a heart. I see a child who has struggled and struggled with multiplying three digit numbers finally have an ah ha moment. And I know that is what I am here for- the little moments. God wants me to be faithful to live this moment, this day. I don’t have to move a huge mountain; although sometimes it feels as if I am. I just have to do the next thing He calls me to do.

So, I won’t wish for the magic yellow bus today. Instead, I will smile at my children and be thankful that I am here with them enjoying these moments. I will read to them. I will pray with and for them about their behavior issues. And, I will ask God to , once again, redirect my focus.

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