Come See Me Week in Review

This last week we were fortunate to have beautiful weather for much of the Come See Me festival- our local spring festival. Throughout the week, the kids and I were able to participate in several activities. By, the way, our festival mascot is Glen the Frog- thus the frog theme throughout the festivities.

We went to the Musical Mania event- which I blogged about previously. The kids got to walk around and see different musicians and instruments and even try out several instruments. Charles was inspired to learn to play the guitar, and Ashlyne has decided she wants to be a drummer. (If you know my third born in person, this is NOT a surprise.)

On Monday night, I took the kids to the rock wall climbing competition. We have a local parks and recreation facility with a climbing wall. I’ve never taken them before, but they have climbed at a carnival type event, and they have climbed the rope at gymnastics. They both did very well for not having been there before. They were able to complete the climb on the first two walls. Neither could make it all the way up Wall 3. Ashlyne was very disappointed that she could not climb. (The competition was for ages 8 and up.) But, I did find out that I could bring them back any Monday night and she could climb.

On Wednesday, we went to frog crafts at the library. That is a sort of tradition. We always try to make the frog crafts.

On Thursday, we went to Glencairn Gardens- a local public garden- for supper and musical entertainment. It was Broadway music night. We took pizza and ate and enjoyed listening to local talent perform Broadway songs. Before we left, we walked around the gardens for some good photo opportunities.

On Friday, we went to Frog Hoppin Fun at our Family Resource Center. This is a program geared toward preschoolers with froggy themed centers set up all around, a story time, snack, and face painting.

To organize my Come See Me photos, I made a Smilebox scrapbook. I’m not sure I like this as much as the slideshows, but here are some pictures from our Come See Me week:

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