March Review

It is officially spring! Around here you can’t tell because it is cooold again! I want our spring weather back. We are supposed to have a couple of days of cool around here and then seasonal weather again.

To see what I’ve been reading in March, check out my Good Reads blog. I have read all the Twilight books and watched the movie in a little bit of Twilight mania. I am also reading Reversed Thunder by Eugene Peterson- a book about Revelation. I am continuing reading through the Bible in a year. I always enjoy doing that because I get a ‘big picture” view of things. I am also reading a devotional book by Eugene Peterson as my morning devotional.

One of our big “happenings” in March was our church’s Missions Festival. The children and I enjoyed helping with childcare for the missionaries and others involved in the festival.

In our schoolwork we are working to finish up some things before the end of our school year in May. We school year round, and our year runs from June to May. We have finished up Story of the World Volume One. Charles has finished Math-U-See Gamma and he is now doing math review in Spectrum. Kathryne is half way through Delta. I don’t think she will finish it this year, but I did not plan for her to finish. She has completed Alpha and Gamma this year. She will continue with Delta until May and then stop until August. We are mostly finished with our NT Bible curriculum. I have really enjoyed doing the NT overview form Grapevine studies and think I will look for an OT overview to start in August. Both Kathryne and Charles are working to finish up reading their biographies and writing a report on them. This is our last language arts study for the year. We are only halfway through our Animal Kingdom science from Answers in Genesis and I plan to finish it before we stop in May.

For the summer, we will be completing a state unit study and I will probably get summer bridge books for the big kids to work through. For our Bible study, I am going to have the big kids go through the shorter catechism. Our church has a catechism memory program which we have not participated in since we are doing AWANA, but I think catechism is very profitable to study for the doctrinal emphasis.

Our family is very happy that Jason graduates in just over a month! He will graduate on May 12, and there will be great rejoicing in the Courtney household! We are planning to do some day trips as a family and maybe take a vacation in the fall. Jason and I are planning to attend the state homeschool convention again this year as a couples retreat. I am looking forward to it!

This week, we are staying at home working on finishing up school stuff. Tomorrow night, we have our next to the last regular AWANA night. I can’t believe AWANA is almost over. We will probably hunt Easter eggs on Saturday and then church and dinner with my side of the family on Sunday.

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