Reading Aloud to Children

I have always enjoyed reading. From the time my children were born (actually before they were born) I have read aloud to them. I often meet other parents- especially homeschoolers- who are not readers but who want to develop a habit of reading aloud to children. When I talk to other parents about reading aloud, I try to pass on several tips for getting started.
* Choose books that will hold their interest. It is good to read the classics, but if you haven’t already set a habit of reading aloud, classics might not hold their interest.
* Read for fun, not just for school. We do lots of school related reading, but we also read every night for fun.
* Stick with it even if they don’t seem interested at first. My children have always loved being read to because they have always been read to. But, for a while, we had a little girl coming to our house in the afternoons who was not accustomed to being read aloud to. at the time, I was reading to my two oldest children during the afternoon when the little girls napped. The little girl we were keeping was not thrilled with the idea of sitting to listen. We were reading The Hobbit at the time and were halfway through, so she was coming in to the middle of the story. After a few times of listening to us, though, she began to enjoy it also.
* At the beginning of each reading session, talk about what is happening in the story as a review. At the end of each session, review what was read. For tips about narrating, read Charlotte Mason’s ideas about using living books.

The important thing is to begin reading with your children. Reading together increases comprehension, builds language skills, and helps children to develop a love for reading. I will post again about some of our favorite read alouds.

If you enjoy reading, you can check out my Good Reads blog where I review adult and children’s books we have enjoyed.

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