A Family Day

We wanted to do something this weekend as a family in celebration of Jason’s graduation this week. at first, we planned to go to the zoo. But, we have had really rainy weather this weekend, and so we decided not to take chances with the weather.
Instead, we renewed our Discovery Place membership and went to the Charlotte Nature Museum. If you do not live locally, you may not have heard about Discovery Place. It is a super science museum in Charlotte, NC. It is only about thirty minutes from our house, and we have had memberships to the museum for several years but had not renewed lately.
The membership to Discovery Place has a reciprocal membership to several local and many national museums also. Another local museum covered by the membership is the Charlotte Nature Museum, a small but adventure packed museum at the corner of a large city park. The children enjoy seeing the variety of live animals they always have around the place and walking on the nature trails, which we were able to do in the middle of rain showers. They also enjoy walking around the big park and stopping to play on the playground, which we were able to do briefly before more big rain started.
It was a fun day complete with stopping for supper out- a special treat- on the way home. I took lots of pictures but haven’t had time to organize them yet. I will try to post some later.

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