April Review

I just looked back over my blog posts and realized that I have only had seven posts since my March Review! The month has flown by! Sometimes I am too busy living life to blog about it.

April is definitely one of my favorite months of the year ushering in spring- my favorite season! Our April started off cool and rainy, but in the last couple of weeks, the weather has finally warmed, and we haven’t had rain. Last week we set up the pool and have finished filling it. It is now in the process of being cleaned and treated to make it ready for swimming. The children are so excited. I enjoy swimming also, but I like to wait until the water is warm!

Another of my favorite things in April is our Come See Me festival. In this post, I talked about all the things we were able to do during that week.

April has been a busy month for Jason at work. May is shaping up to be busy also. I never realized how many people get married in May until I had a husband who worked for a church! He also has many end of the school year activities to set up and plan for. At the end of this week, Kathryne and Charles will be in our children’s choir musical- Making Room.

School- We are finishing up our last ten required days. We have finished most of our curriculum. We’re still working on a few chapters in our science book, and Kathryne has one more unit and a unit test in math. Charles has finished his math and has been doing a review with a practice workbook that I found for him. He has a few more lessons left to be finished with the practice. I am hoping that we can take the last two weeks of May off. Then June starts with a bang- a week of drama camp and then a week of sports camp. That will kick off our summer school session. I school year round with four quarters- June-August, September-November, December-February, and March-May. This summer we will be completing a state notebook with a study of South Carolina.

The children are finished with AWANA for the year. We had our awards program last week. We are working on memorizing the shorter catechism over the summer. Our church has a catechism program that begins with age three. Kathryne and Charles both participated until they were K5 and 1st grade. Then we began AWANA and I felt like it was too much memorization. I do like to study the catechism, though, because I think it is a good study of what we believe. So, we are taking the time off of AWANA this summer to see what we can do with it.

Personally, I am still reading through my Bible in the year. I am reading in Chronicles right now- the history of Israel and its kings. I am also still reading Reversed Thunder by Eugene Peterson as part of my personal study of the book of Revelation. If you’d like to know what else I’ve been reading or check out some book reviews, you can read my Good Reads blog.

Exercise has gone by the wayside once again. I cannot stay disciplined in this area. I do enjoy getting out and being active with the children- especially in the nice weather.

As a family, we are very excited that Jason’s last day of school is this Thursday night! It has been a very long two years, but we are thrilled that the end is in sight!

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