Camping trip- In the rain

We camped this weekend- a Memorial Day tradition for the Courtney Six. Let me make it clear that my idea of camping is power and water and clean bathrooms- and a campsite close enough that I could come home if needed. We don’t have a camper, so we tent camp. Over the years, we’ve added to our supplies, so we now have a tent village. We have a large tent with a porch that is the kid’s tent. They sleep on one double and two single air mattresses. Then we have another large tent for Jason and I. We sleep on a large queen air mattress. We face the tents toward each other and sleep with the flaps open, so we can see/hear the kids. Then we have a screen house that covers our picnic table and makes a little kitchen of sorts. We also have a table to use as a counter for food in there. This year we added another screen house that the kids could play under in the rain.
We camp at a local state park that is about twenty minutes from our house. When Ashlyne and Rachel were younger, I would spend the day and then come home with them, leaving the big kids to spend the night with Daddy. Last year, we started all sleeping out at the campsite over night.
Despite the strong possibility of rain in the forecast, we decided to go ahead with our camping plans for the weekend. Jason and Charles went out Friday night to sleep and set up, and I brought the girls Saturday morning. We had a heavy rain shower Saturday afternoon and some drizzling on and off all day. It was not raining Saturday night, so we decided to stay. Yesterday, there was more drizzling off and on and a heavy afternoon shower with thunder, so we gave in and headed home.
Jason says he has learned two things: No more tent camping in the rain, and no more tent camping with me! I must give in and say, it is just not my thing!
The kids did have lots of fun, though. They rode bikes round and round, played on the playground, and went to the state park museum. I enjoyed sitting around and watching them without having to worry about housework and such.

Here is a scrapbook of our trip:

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