Menu Plan Monday

One of my resolutions for the month is to spend less on eating out. I balanced our family spending chart for March and April this weekend and was dismayed at how much money we had spent eating out. I don’t really feel like we eat out much. But it is so easy when I am out and about and busy to get food out instead of coming home to prepare a meal. And now that the weather is nice, I like to be outside with the kids instead of stuck inside making supper.

To help us with this problem, I am going to go back to making a set menu plan. To make things easy, I set up categories for each night: Monday- crockpot, Tuesday- beef, Wednesday- chicken, Thursday- pasta, Friday- pizza, Saturday- Kids night, Sunday – leftovers and sandwiches. I also wrote out on the marker board the number of times we are “allowed” to eat out for the month. That way the children (and myself) can see visually how many times we have eaten out and how many more we have left before the month ends.

As a part of my menu planning, I’m going to try to be diligent to participate in the Menu Plan Monday meme.

This week’s menu:

Monday– Shepherd’s Pie in the crockpot; homemade French bread
Tuesday– Cheeseburger pie; fried potatoes; corn
Wednesday– eat at church- Volunteer Appreciation
Thursday– Top your own pasta (tortellini); fruit
Friday– Pizza from Papa Johns (It’s the kids program night)
Saturday– Hot dogs, baked beans, chips
Sunday– leftovers and sandwiches

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