Strawberry Picking





Despite a cloudy sky and drizzly rain, we went strawberry picking today. This is a tradition that we have had since Ashlyne was one. Last year we waited too long and missed the pick your own season at our usual farm. This year I was determined to go early enough. We actually ended up going to a new place that a friend of mine has recommended. It was very nice. The rows were covered in hay, so it was less muddy. It was also much less crowded at this smaller, less advertised farm. We had a great time. Of course lots of strawberries were eaten and never made it home, but we ended up with 2 and 1/2 gallons. If I am lucky, I will save some from being eaten right away and make some freezer jam!
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  1. I love strawberry picking! Of course, ours won't be ready until June but I can't wait.


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