Workboxes- The Set Up

I have discovered a wonderful new tool for homeschooling: the Workbox system. I've seen it used by several fellow bloggers, and I have been reading about the system for a few months now.
I'll be honest: I was a little put off by the cost of all the books and materials to set up the program. After all, I was a teacher before I had children and have been teaching my own children for five years now. Why couldn't I have thought of this system myself? Why should I pay for someone to "teach me" how to set up boxes for my children's school work.
So, I didn't pay. I studied the system being used by many homeschool moms and came up with a way to make it work effectively for me.
The basic premise of the system is to divide the day's work for each child into a series of boxes. The original system recommends twelve shoe box sized boxes per child. The child completes each box in order, removing a velcro sticker on the outside of the box and placing it on a completion chart as the box is completed.
The system is very visual. The child can see immediately what is required for the day and when it is complete. It is also very self-motivating. The child works through the boxes independently.
I have been looking for a way to involve my younger children in "school stuff" more. When Kathryne and Charles were preschool and kindergarten aged, I did so many fun things with them. But, now I am busy with the older children and don't do as many fun things with Ashlyne and Rachel. This will give me an opportunity to put in some fun, center activities for them and help them feel involved in our school day. It will also help all the children work more and more independently (I hope).
So, I have bought my boxes. I ended up going for stacking drawers because of cost and space. I have also purchased colored paper, so each child can have his or her own color coded numbers and charts.
As I get things printed off, I will take some pictures to show how it is going.
I've decided to go ahead and start the system with our summer program, even though we probably won't use many drawers each day. I hope to use this time to teach the children the system and to tweak it to work the best for us.


  1. Yay for you! I find the preschool boxes the most difficult to fill (because I am lloking for INDEPENDENT activities mostly...and because I want her to desire to actually do them). So if you get creative with pre-k, let me know.

    However, my 3 year old is the one who has benefitted the most I think...because she is finally involved and busy doing GOOD things rather than getting into things that she shoul leave alone!

    It's a great system...I hope it works for you!

  2. awesome idea! that's what I've been thinking of doing, too! good to know it works for others :)

  3. very concise. thanks :) i can't bring myself to spend the money or the time on a book either.

  4. Sounds great, we just started the prepping for ours. I am doing mine and helping a friend. Wheew. I did not by the book, however I did read up from a lot of bloggers posting about it, I found printables to use and also adlib my own creations. I am not using them tote. I refuse to with 4 kids total, 2 schooling and one getting ready to. That is too much and too much space. I was also looking for ways to cut cost and save space.

    I will be posting mine hopefully tomorrow. Good luck with yours. Thanks for posting.


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