Drama Camp

For the second year, Kathryne and Charles are attending a drama camp put on by KidShine. They went last year for the first time and had a great time. KidShine is a Christian drama group that teaches the children to act, dance, do puppets, play rhythm instruments, and sing. They practice all week and present a program on Friday evening.

Our experience with KidShine last year was the first time my big kids had gone to any kind of program where I dropped them off, and they were gone from me all day! The friendly and professional staff made me feel very comfortable and willing to do it again!

This year’s program is Eternity Studios, and the kids were assigned parts yesterday. Every child gets at least one part and most get two or more. They don’t have to audition, just specify what kind of part they’d like and go for it. Kathryne and Charles will both have a speaking and acting part; Kathryne has a dancing part, and Charles is doing rhythm instruments.

They are very excited. I will try to post pictures at the end of the week. I wrote in this post about our experience last year.

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