Notes From the Homeschool Convention

Jason and I enjoyed our trip to the state homeschool convention this weekend. It is nice to get away as a couple once in a while and have some time to spend together without children. It gives us a time to reconnect and just enjoy each other’s company!
I went to three workshops this year. We did not go to see the keynote speaker at all, but I heard he was very good also.

I went to a workshop about the book A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. That one was extremely interesting. I had not heard of this book, which apparently has been well-spoken of in homeschool circles. The workshop was great! The premise of the book, if you are uninformed like me, is that education today is just teaching mediocrity. We need to teach differently if we are to raise leaders. That part is pretty obvious to those of us who homeschool. Discontent with the educational system is often a main reason people decide to homeschool. But the book continues to describe the various stages of a child’s life and how to work on developing leadership and end educating leaders in each stage. I was so impressed, I bought the book and the companion guide. I am looking forward to reading it.
The second workshop I attended was about literature for a Christian worldview. I’m not sure I learned anything new there, but I did get a nice reading list to use to choose some books for Kathyrne and Charles to read.
The last workshop I attended was about nurturing your preschoolers while homeschooling your older children. I must say, this is one of the greatest difficulties I face as a homeschooling mom. I often get so caught up in making sure I get things done with Kathryne and Charles that I feel Ashlyne and Rachel don’t get much of my time. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear much that I didn’t already know- a few tips that I use already. I guess I shouldn’t expect that someone will be able to give me a magic formula to make this easier, hmmm. The fact is that this is a small season of my life, and I believe I need to enjoy it and treasure my children while they are this age and make the most of every opportunity. The one tidbit I did get that I had not thought of was: Spend time with the younger children first. Make it a point to do “school” or something with them before starting with the older children. That way the little ones feel they’ve had “Mom time”, and that can go a long way later. this is definitely something I am going to incorporate into our school schedule even this summer!

All in all, we had a great time. I left feeling renewed and exciting about homeschooling- which is the main idea I suppose. I have curriculum for the fall that I am excited about. And I had a nice weekend away with my wonderful husband!

I also finished some reading while I was away this weekend. You can check out my Good Reads blog here.

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