Reflections on Two Weeks of Camp

Last week Kathryne and Charles both went to Kidshine Drama Camp. This week was sports camp- flag football for Charles and cheer camp for Kathryne. Sunday night Kathryne decided she really didn’t want another week of camp, so Charles went alone this week to football camp.
We have always been ones to keep our children close. When they were younger, we didn’t do camps or play dates away from home. Even church activities we did with them instead of dropping them off. In the past year, I have definitely seen a shift in this with Kathryne and Charles. Charles has had several over night trips, and Kathryne (who vowed she would never spend the night away from home) spent the night very happily with a friend last week. Last year’s Kidshine camp was the first time Kathryne and Charles were gone away all day every day. It was hard to leave them and hard to get used to. This year was easier, but there was still some difficulty in dropping them off to be totally independent of me all day. And football camp with only Charles going was a really big step (for me anyway)!
I’ve been reflecting these last two weeks on how grown up they are getting. As babies and preschoolers, my children are so dependent. And I am so aware of all that is going on in their lives. Now, my big kids have whole days that are separate from me. They have friends that they know better than I do. They had teachers at camp that they got to know and bond with that I don’t even know. It’s not a bad thing- just different.
Another happening that has caused me to reflect on all this is that Jason’s younger cousin spent the week with us. He just graduated from high school and drove down by himself (from Virginia) to spend the week. As I watched him and talked to him this week, I realized that in less than ten years, Kathryne will be that age! She will be totally independent- going off to college if that is where God leads- and she will have a whole life independent from me.
In a way, it makes me sad. On the other hand, I am enjoying getting to know my big kids as people and sharing their days with them. I am so thankful for all these years we have had and hopefully will have homeschooling because I have the opportunity to be there with them. I can share in their daily lives and be a part of all that is going on with them. I am so thankful for the relationships we have and look forward to those relationships changing and developing as they grow.

Here are some pictures of Charles’s last day of Football Camp:

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