Using the Workboxes

We began using our workboxes today as we started our first official day of school. They were a big hit with the kids. I see some areas I am going to need to tweak. For our summer schedule- which is supposed to be lighter than our regular schedule- I am going to need to adapt the amount of work in the boxes. Kathryne (my normally slower worker) had a hard time finishing her boxes today. The little girls really enjoyed them because they felt like they were doing “school” with the big kids. That was one of my main goals, so I consider that a big success. Charles (my very driven child) enjoyed seeing how quickly he could complete all his boxes and finish his chart.

Samples of what I put in the boxes:

Kathryne and Charles:
Bible and journal
Catechism study sheet
Summer Bridge Book
Keepers at Home (Contenders for Charles)
Draw Write Now book
Card for playing a states and capitols game online
Summer reading records to update
Card instructing them to do a fun activity from the back of the bridge book
Chore cards (in the last box)

Ashlyne and Rachel:
Cut and glue worksheet
Number flashcards
ABC Bible memory book to do with mom
Handwriting practice book (for Ashlyne)
Pattern blocks
Chore cards

Overall, I think it was a successful first day. I look forward to continuing to use and adapt the system, and I’m glad I started in the summer, so I could tweak it before we hit our regular school season.

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