2009 Courtney Family Beach Trip

We are back from our beach vacation! It is always fun to go but always fun to get home. Today has been spent with all the “after vacation” fun: unpacking, washing, vacuuming the van, washing, grocery shopping, washing, sorting the mail, washing.

Highlights of this year’s trip:

*We stayed in a hotel for two nights. We’ve never taken our crew to a hotel. At the beach, we stay in a house owned by a friend, but we couldn’t check in until Saturday, so we stayed Thursday and Friday in a hotel. The hotel was great with lots of pools and on the beach front, but we were all in one room which was an adventure!

*Charles coughed and coughed so much that I had to walk the beach with him from midnight to four am the first night. We were all in a hotel room together, and he couldn’t breathe and was keeping everyone awake. He struggled with that cough all week, but that first night was the worst.

*We took Kathryne to get her ears pierced at a real piercing place at the beach- her ten year old birthday present.

*Rachel busted my lip while we were out shopping for sunglasses in a beach store. She jumped up while I was leaning over and hit my lip hard with her head. I had quite a bit of bleeding and swelling. The lady at the cash register was rather concerned.

All in all, we had a great time. We were able to stay longer this year than I think we ever have. We played on the water, flew kites, watched fireworks, at ice cream, and did all the fun beach stuff we usually do.

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