Getting Back to Normal

I feel as if we’ve had no “normal” weeks around here lately. We had two back to back weeks of camp, the trip to the SC convention for Jason and I, the beach trip and VBS. Whew! This week has been a “get back to normal week” for us.
We’ve been working on school work. Because it is nicer outside in the mornings, I usually let the kids go outside as soon as they have breakfasted and dressed. After lunch we start school work and work for a few hours in the afternoon. We are still working on a SC state study, learning music theory, and always reading. The older kids are completing summer bridge books because they enjoy them and they are good practice for basic skills.
We had a family meeting today to discuss chores and bedtime routines- two things that have gotten off track during our summer wanderings. I will say that the kids were enthusiastic about my new approach to chores, and bedtime went much smoother tonight. We’ll see how it continues.

Here is the chore plan:
I made a list of expected daily tasks. These are differentiated from chores in that they are expected every day- even weekends- and are just part of family responsibility. They include picking up after yourself, straightening bedrooms, making beds, cleaning up after meals, personal hygiene, and for Kathryne, making her own breakfast (a family milestone here when one turns 10). Chores are only assigned on week days and are assigned on a daily basis with me rotating the chores to make sure each child has age appropriate tasks and to make sure each child has an opportunity to learn how to do each thing. I used a pocket chart with one strip for me and one for each child. I made chore cards out of index cards and each day I will place several chores in each child’s pocket. The number of chores expected will vary with age. I gave Kathryne 5, Charles 4, Ashlyne 3, and Rachel 2. Consequnces for not completing daily tasks will be for disobedience. (We have a chart in our schoolroom that lists consequences for disobedience in our family.) Consequences for having attitude about or not completing a chore will be additional chores assigned.

As I said, so far so good. I’ll report in a week or so and let you know if things are still going well.

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