Weekly Wrap Up

I’ve been enjoying reading Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and thought I’d participate in Weekly Wrap Up today- especially since I haven’t blogged all week!

We had VBS at our church this week. The theme was Group’s Crocodile Dock, and the stories were from the life of Moses. The children learned that God is powerful; God is with us; God gives us life; God keeps His promises; and God cares for us. We had over 475 children at VBS. I was the preschool director, and we had almost 150 in nursery and preschool!

So, here’s how our week went:

Monday: Our first day of VBS was exciting when we realized how many children we were going to have. Most had preregistered, but we had a few added at the last minute. Thanks to all the help I had and by the grace of God, things went smoothly. After VBS and a rest at home, I took the kiddos, and we visited my Mom and Dad Monday evening.

Tuesday: Another VBS day went well. After VBS, my children went home with my mother-in-law, and I had the chance to go eat lunch with my honey and run a few errands before picking them up.

Wednesday: Wednesday was water day at VBS. The children played water games and had lots of fun! After VBS, we had some friends come over for lunch and play and their daughter spent the night.

Thursday: Everyone was a little more tired for VBS on Thursday. We still had a good day and were able to come home and hang out with nothing else to do in the evening.

Friday: Friday finished off our VBS week. We had a program with ice cream for the final day. Kathryne had two friends come and spend the night for her birthday. We also chose Friday to pick up two kitties that a friend from church gave us and to rearrange bedrooms. Perhaps I was crazy. The kitties needed to leave; however. Our friends cat had another litter, and they were rather over run by cats! We also had gotten loft beds to move the girls to the same room, and it just worked out for Jason to pick them up on Thursday. As we were putting beds back together at 10 pm last night, I informed Jason that we must be crazy!

The bedrooms are all finished and organized now, and they look great! We were able to go to a birthday party today after Kathryne’s friends went home. Unfortunately, Charles has swimmer’s ear again- a recurring problem this summer. Jason has taken him to the doctor to get some antibiotic drops, so I hope we can get it taken care of soon.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. I think we are going to stay home from church and jsut chill together.

Here are some pictures from VBS this week and from Kathryne’s slumber party:
Some of our preschoolers at opening assembly

The little girl in the yellow shirt is my Ashlyne

Tuesday was sunglasses day.

Ice cream sundaes for Kathryne’s birthday

More friends. Kathryne is in the middle.

All the girls ready for bed

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