A Blog Award- The Honest Scrap

My friend Ginny at Proverbs 22:6 Academy gave me this award last week and I humbly accept it.

Here are the rules regarding this award:
In accepting this award I need to do the following:
Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
Share ten honest things about myself.
Present this award to seven others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
Tell those seven people that they have been awarded the Honest Scrap and inform them of the guidelines for receiving their award.

So here are my 10 honest things about myself in no particular order of importance.
1. I can’t cook. I mean hardly at all. I’m getting a little better, but I’m not anywhere near “good.’
2. I am more of a football fanatic than some men. My husband is sure he has created a monster!
3. Although I am typically a clean person, my van is pretty dirty right now! We are in it so much, it is hard to keep it clean!
4. I really don’t like to teach preschoolers. My own are okay, but I don’t like to teach preschool classes. It’s just not my favorite age.
5. I check my clock 5-6 times at night before bed. It’s my OCD thing.
6. I like to read fluff. Classics and nonfiction are alright every now and then, but give me some good fluff- mysteries, romance, suspense- any day.
7. I really don’t like to excercise. I’m trying to be more healthy, but I’m having a hard time with the whole exercise thing.
8. And, I hate vegetables. I know they are good for me, but…
9. I love chocolate. Maybe if I dipped the vegetables in chocolate… Hmmmm
10. I love to go out to eat by myself. A good book, a meal where no one asks for anything, and I don’t have to clean up- heavenly!

And now to award some blogs I enjoy. (I only listed four, not seven.) Visit them and enjoy!
Laura, at Goose Hill Farm Academy. She has a very cute blog where she tells about her family and homeschooling. And, she must be a good cook, because she sure has some good looking food pictures!

Mishmash Maggie– I haven’t gotten to “know” the author of this blog yet, but I enjoy reading her posts about homeschooling and her spiritual insights often touch me.

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers– I love the title of this blog! There are always some interesting posts and great ideas.

What’s In The Box– This is a blog I am really enjoying! I’m trying out workboxes for my children, and Sheri does a great job of passing on some good ideas for using workboxes.

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