A Camper I am Not

I’ve tried. Really I have. We bought a really nice tent last year. And two screen rooms. And pretty decorative lights. I packed everything but the kitchen sink. But it rained- lots. And I discovered that tent camping in the rain is very wet. And muddy.

So, this year, we bought Jason’s Mom and Dad’s old camper. A compact 1970s model that sleeps six. Hmmm. We headed out Saturday. I was so excited. Camping in a camper has to be better than a tent, right? Not only did I reserve us a space for this weekend, I looked up and bookmarked all kinds of places for future camping expeditions. I can envision us hiking trail, swimming on secluded beaches, children running peacefully around enjoying nature.

Well, it was VERY hot this weekend. And humid. And the children didn’t want to run anywhere except inside the camper with the air conditioner. Especially during the rain showers that kept cropping up. And the six people this camper was designed to sleep would have to be six dwarfs. Because it definitely was NOT the six of us. Considering that the temperature on the top bunk reached into the mid 90s even with the air running full steam in the camper, that kind of knocked it out as a sleeping space.

So, we came home in the middle of the night. Jason tells me not to plan on a camping trip more than twenty minutes away until I can actually make it through the night at the campground. I guess I can agree. He also says that camper makes a very nice playhouse for the kids. I think I can live with that.

Anyone up for the Marriot with king beds and a pool?

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