Just In Case I Haven't Mentioned It Lately...

I am so incredibly thankful that I have the privilege of homeschooling my children.

It is that “back to school” time of year that always makes me think. School supplies are for sale. The buses are running through the neighborhood. “Back to School” signs are everywhere. I walked through our church- which has a Christian school- with my husband last week and looked at all the rooms ready for students. The library had all the starting kindergarten and back to school books out last week. I always look around and stop to consider. Are we missing out on something? Would my children be happier at school? Would I be happier if my children were in school?

But, then I was able to see Rachel write her name for the first time last week. I heard Ashlyne read blends yesterday. She’s almost reading words now. I was able to notice a lack of worth ethic in a child and deal with it immediately instead of waiting for it to build up into a big problem. We sleep a little later in the morning and eat breakfast and pray together instead of running out the door. We get to take the first week of September off of school and go some places that won’t be crowded since school has started back for everyone else. I get to cuddle my little girls while I read books to them. I get to talk to my big kids while the little ones are having rest time. I hear my son talk about what he’s reading in the Bible and what it means to him.

It’s not all rosy. It is not perfect. I’m sure if I looked really hard I could find something we’re missing out on (maybe). But, I am thankful that , for this season, God has led us to do this thing. I am incredibly thankful for the time I have with my children, the time that goes so fast. I am incredibly thankful for a husband that works hard and puts up with much, so that I can be here doing this.

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’m so glad we are homeschooling!

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