Menu Plan Monday

I’ve been working on having set meals for breakfast and lunch as well as supper. This has helped our budget a bit and has helped me not to have to make five different meals at breakfast and lunch. Several of my supper recipes are coming from Meals Matter- a nice menu planning, grocery shopping tool I’ve used for a while.

Sunday 16 Cereal, oatmeal ; Sandwiches/Leftovers ; Leftovers/Breakfast

Monday 17 Waffles ;Chicken nuggets; 3 cheese baked ziti

Tuesday 18 Cereal/Oatmeal ; Sandwiches; Chicken casserole

Wednesday 19 French toast ‘ Pizza bagels; Chicken cordon blue in crockpot

Thursday 20 Cereal/Oatmeal ; Spaghetti Os; Easy lasagna

Friday 21 Eggs, bacon; Sandwiches; Pizza

Saturday 22 Pancakes ;Sandwiches; Leftovers/sandwiches

You can find more great menu plans at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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