Menu Plan Monday

After several busy weeks, the next few look to be a little more calm, thankfully. I sat down this afternoon and did my two week menu plan and then went grocery shopping. I am trying to streamline my breakfast and lunches, which up until now, have been a “choose your own meal” affair. So, this week’s plan includes all three meals each day.

Breakfast- Frozen waffles
Lunch- Chicken nuggets chips and fruit
Supper- Tacos and fruit

Breakfast- Cold cereal or oatmeal
Lunch- Sandwiches
Supper- Cheeseburger Pie, corn

Breakfast- French Toast
Lunch- Pizza Bagels
Supper- Chicken casserole; green beans, pintos

Breakfast- Cold cereal or oatmeal
Lunch- Spaghetti Os
Supper- Blackened chicken and penne pasta with alfredo sauce (No this is not as fancy as it sounds. I sprinkle chicken pieces with blackening seasoning and grill them on the George Foreman, boil and drain whole wheat penne pasta; then toss it all together with alfredo sauce. I usually make it with this recipe, but this week, I cheated and bought some to try.)

Breakfast- Eggs, bacon, toast
Lunch- Sandwiches to take to Discovery Place Field Trip
Supper- Pizza(probably ordered out)

Breakfast- Pancakes
Lunch- sandwiches
Supper- Hotdog supper for a birthday party

Breakfast- Cold cereal or oatmeal
Lunch- Pasta salad
Supper- Leftovers or sandwiches

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